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Welcome to this flexispy setup guide.

Today we are going to show you how to get started 
with your flexispy purchase.
flexispy a welcome email
The first thing you will receive after purchasing flexi spy a welcome email this contains three important pieces of information.

  1. Flexispy account username
  2. Flexispy account password 
  3. Flexispy account login URL

Note: Remember that in order to use flexi spy you must be the target device owner or have legal permission to install the software onto the device and you must have the target device physically in your hand there is no such monitoring software on the free market that can be installed without device in your hand.

How to install flexispy on android

flexispy installation guide

Installed and activate

We are showing guide for an Android device, but the feature should work on compatible iPhones also, if you haven't installed flexispy yet there are two ways you can do this so that you can continue to follow this guide.

1. Use the flexispy installation service.

flexispy installation service
The flexi spy installation service is a paid service where trained technicians will help you route an Android phone or jailbreak and iOS device as well as help you install and activate your flexi spy subscription, otherwise check the flexi spy for free.

This is a much quicker way to install flexi spy and we recommend this for most users. You can get started with the installation service.

2. Manually install.

The software yourself if you don't want to use the installation service, simply click the manual install option inside your portal and then click the manual install link to the installation manual that matches your target device.

How does flexispy work

How does flexispy work

When you log in after activation you will see the main screen here you can see useful information about the target device such as the current GPS location details, about the target phone device and showing the last time data was uploaded to the server successfully.

let's now go through the common features that you need to set up in order to use flexi spy.
Follow below steps.

flexispy capture photo

Capture device, photos to capture, images taken using the target device.

Camera under data, click photos and then click add historical image and click sync now.

Images taken using the device camera will start to be uploaded to your portal, capture device videos like with capturing photos.

Click the videos tab and then click at historical video and click sync now videos will then be uploaded.

flexispy capture video files

Remember though that the video file size limit is 10 megabytes, so if a video file is larger than that it won't be uploaded and you will see this inside the video tab.

Capture audio files to capture audio files such as voice memos, click audio files and then click get historical audio and then click sync now and these should start to be uploaded now that we have enabled the media capturing features.

Flexispy remcam screen recorder download

Let's start with REM cam, REM cam allows you to use the device camera to take pictures, just click the REM cam button and then click the REM cam button again and then click remote image capture and it will take a picture.

Flexispy remcam screen recorder download

Now REM video like REM cam only video, click REM video and then choose the camera to use in the duration to record.

You have to remember to click download for any REM cam videos so that you download the video from the portal onto your computer and then you can use any type of video player software to watch it.

Automatic call recorder audio source

Call related features first ambient record to record the ambient surroundings of the target device, click ambient and then click record and set the duration, you can also click to set a schedule.

flexispy ambient recording

It instead as you can see here any ambient recording must be downloaded to your computer by clicking download and then you can listen to it on your computer, for call recording this varies from device to device that means that some devices may get better results than others.

If you are not happy with the quality of calls recording, for example you only hear one side, click the call recording tab tools set audio recording source and pick a different option.

Flexispy audio call recorder

Listed and see if that helps during installation flexi spy will try to determine the best audio recording source to help you with this feature to set up what calls are recorded.

Flexispy audio call recorder

Click to call recording Watch list and from there you can enter specific numbers you want the call to be recorded from where you can just record all unknown numbers.

The device address book numbers not in the device address book or a combination app screen shot is another useful flexi spy feature.

Remotely take screenshot android

It allows you to get screenshots of whenever the target device owner uses a certain application on the device and setting it up as easy, click the app screenshots tab, then click the screenshot button and choose the apps you want to take screenshots of you can choose up to a maximum of a 5 click.

Remotely take screenshot android

Submit and then flexi spy will take screenshots of those apps whenever they are used and you will see them in the portal.

How to intercept phone calls in android

Those with flexispy extreme and a rooted device that runs the software in full mode, you need to set up spy call and call intersect this is done using the live listening tap for call intercept you need to enter the monitor number.

flexispy live audio listenling

This is your own phone number it is not the phone that has flexispy installed on it and it must be in the international format, flex is fine meets this number so that it can send you an SMS to notify whenever the target device is on a call and then the device to listen in to the call.

Flexispy cdma call recorder

Obviously you must stay quiet to avoid being hurt when you do this remember also that if the target device network provider is CDMA for example Verizon or Sprint then the call intercept feature can't work.

Spy call will also use the same monitor number you enter again your own mobile number so that when you call the target device from your own phone and the target device is not in use then you will be able to listen into the device surroundings.

If the target device is in use at the same time, then your call will just be a normal regular call, this is a normal flexi spy behavior, you can also see other useful feature information such as items if your device is rooted by clicking the items tab and you can view device keystrokes by clicking the key logs tab 
as long as you.

Flexispy keylogger apk download

Flexispy keylogger apk download

Remember to set up the key logger feature itself when you install an flexi spy if not you can go to help reference, manuals setup guides and click either premium or extreme depending on what you purchased and the steps for setting up.

Key logger it will be listed and so this concludes our getting started video with flexi spy this is quite a lengthy, but we feel it will help you get the most out of your flexispy purchase.

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